Hostages Released [Archives:2000/29/Local News]

July 17 2000

A number of human rights organizations and prominent figures were able to secure the release of two students :Abdulla Saeed Al-Zaidi,17 and Ahmed Saleh Al-Zaidi, 18,who had been detained for 19 days by the Capital Intelligence, Sana’a. On their release, they told the “Yemen Times” that they were maltreated during their detention and that they never knew the reasons for their detention. They added that they were not interrogated; but were told that they were being held hostage.
The students’ relatives who expressed their resentment against the agony of their wards who underwent physical, psychological and moral trauma during the unlawful detention . They said they will withdraw their wards from schools in Sana’a because security men raid these students’ residences in Sana’a whenever any problem erupts in Mareb. These students are nabbed as hostages for a problem which never concerns them. These relatives added that in the face of security authorities illegal measures they are forced to withdraw their sons thus depriving them of education or send them to any other country where human beings are respected.