Houses in The great Mosque Zone in Old Sana’a are close to fall down [Archives:2007/1041/Local News]

April 12 2007

SANA'A, 10 April ) citizens from old Sana'a city came to The National Organization for Defending Rights and Freedoms (Hood) three months ago to complain about the concerned authorities' carelessness and indifference in putting a solution for their suffering of their houses falling on their heads due to the humidity that threatens the foundations of houses in the old city of Sana'a as a result of blocking the pipelines and sewage leaking.

About ten houses and more than sixty citizens are suffering of falling down their houses at any moment since the beginning of 2002, the tragedy of the people of the great Mosque Zone in Old Sana'a began and it continued for five years.

HOOD had made a law studies about the satiation in the great Mosque Zone in Old Sana'a. The outcome of the study said that over the past few years, these citizens are going between the senior officials of the State and its different authorities beginning from the highest official bodies, the Supreme Committee Preserving old Sana'a, and ending with the Local Council in the Province. The outcome of this is a large number of notices and official letters full of promises and recommendations.

The Supreme Committee Preserving Old Sana'a chaired by Ali Al-Anesi, Head of the Committee and Director of the Office of the President, decided at its meeting on March 8, 2006 to resolve the issue of the affected homes through the Secretariat of the Capital which bears the responsibility of paying house rents to the affected people. Also, it urges the Ministry of Culture to start the restoration process at the beginning of April, 2006. However, the two sides are stalling in implementation of the agreement in spite of the the people's daily follow-up of concerned authorities, but in vain.

Later Hood sent a letter to President of the Republic calling him to end the suffering of the people of the great Mosque in Old Sana'a and kindly give his orders to the Ministry of Culture and the Secretariat of the Capital to rapidly execute the restoration and to pay the house rents for the affected people according to the agreement written in the meeting of the Supreme Committee Preserving Old Sana'a on March, 8th, 2007 so as to avoid the disaster that may happen in any moment by the collapse of the houses on the residing families.