Houthi follower’s trial revealsUSA ambassador assassination attempt [Archives:2005/873/Front Page]

September 1 2005

SANA'A (YT), 31 Aug. – State Security Court for Terrorism held a session on Monday 28 Aug. for the trial of 36 of Alhouthi followers, accused of Sana'a detonations that happened at a previous time.

Prosecution revealed that 4 of the suspects planned to attack USA embassy when they rented a house near the embassy, a plan that would have undermined the country's security. He disclosed that one of the fugitives was arrested on the 16th of July. The prosecution revealed that the suspects distributed roles among them to attack USA ambassador with anti-armors missiles. The first suspect was responsible for the survey and collection of information about the ambassador's motorcade which consisted of 3 to 4 cars.

The court decided to appoint advocates to defend the fugitive suspects. It also directed the prosecution to cancel the bail of suspect Intisar Alsiani, arrest and bring her to court. Intisar is the women who are involved in this case.

The court decided a 48- hour solitary confinement on the 4 suspects who are accused of the ambassador's attempted assassination, for court disturbance and shouting of slogans. The first suspect was to have a week confinement. Another suspect was sent out of the court room for the disturbance he made by saying that the court is unconstitutional.

In the presence of defense, the court listened to the victims in the explosion events. They all demanded compensations for the injuries they suffered in the explosions. Some of them need to be treated abroad.

The suspects' advocates demanded that the prosecution accusations should be dismissed and their clients to be released on bail because their arrest procedures were illegal.

The court directed the prosecution to replicate the defendants' lawyers' allegations. It also directed that the suspects lawyers and families should be allowed to meet their clients. The minutes of the prosecution investigations and court sessions could also be photocopied according to court decision.

The court also ordered a medical report on the suspect Ibrahim Alkibsi and suspect Ibrahim Aldarahi was given a final chance to answer the prosecution's accusations.