Houthis’ representative warns authority against breaching agreement [Archives:2008/1142/Front Page]

March 31 2008

Mohammed Bin Sallam
SA'ADA, March 30 ) Following his meeting with the Qatari mediation team, the Houthis' representative Sheikh Saleh Habra warned the authority not to breach the ceasefire agreement, particularly after Houthi field leader Abdulmalik Al-Houthi lifted a siege on two army units commanded by Abdulaziz Al-Shihari.

Habra also accused the government of attempting to breach the ceasefire agreement and creating obstacles to mediation efforts by listing conditions that are not contained in the agreement. According to Habra, the authorities didn't remain committed to the agreement, refused to release detainees, instigated citizens to fight with their neighbors and provided them with different kinds of weapons.

The tribal sheikh noted that Haidan District's political security agent ordered citizens to attack nearby areas in the vicinity of military positions in an attempt to justify the army breaching the agreement. He confirmed to the Yemen Times by phone on Sunday morning that a senior military officer met some Khawlan sheikhs on his own farm and asked them to kill their neighbors. When the sheikhs excused themselves from doing so due to a lack of required equipment, he promised to facilitate their task, and brought them weapons, ammunition and other equipment. Habra called on government officials and opposition leaders to foil any attempt by war brokers who plan to resume the fighting.

Last week, both sides exchanged accusations over breaching the second Doha-brokered peace deal, holding each other accountable for breaching the agreement terms. Habra accused the government of being evasive about implementing some of the agreement's terms and warned of negative consequences.

In a statement published by 26September.net, a website affiliated with the Yemeni army, an official security source asked Abdulmalik Al-Houthi and his followers to remain committed to the ceasefire agreement with the aim of ceasing bloodshed, and strengthening security and safety in some of the Sa'ada areas that suffered fierce clashes between Houthis and government troops for years. The source warned Houthis of penalties in the event that they breach the ceasefire agreement.

“The presidential mediation committee, mandated to oversee how both sides are abiding by the agreement, decided to visit Matra area Saturday afternoon to ensure that they haven't breached the agreement,” Habra told the Yemen Times. “The government tries to avoid implementing some of the agreement terms and therefore creates numerous obstacles to mediation efforts.”

“We want to abandon our mountaintop positions and return home. We want to enjoy stability and security. We want our children to resume school classes,” he added. “”We are tired of the war and displacement and so are our children.””

Local sources in Sa'ada governorate expected the presidential mediation committee to begin evacuating military and security troops from their positions in Haidan district