How beautiful it is! [Archives:2007/1065/Community]

July 5 2007

Abdulnasser alabdali
[email protected]

To say it's name is to taste it!


My home

My Roots

Wearing beauty like a bride

Fresh from her wedding day

Be witching those who view her

To be separated from Taiz

Is like being wrenched from my lover

A place of learning.

Deep culture and thoughts

Reflected like Oynx

In the jewels of it's architecture

High in the mountains

Perched like a Gazelle

Crystal waters flow through it's veins

Life blood for this beautiful city

A gift from Allah's tears

To describe my home in just one page

Is an impossible task

So I leave you just a glimpse

A twinkling of smiling eyes

A sensual glance

The rest you wed to discover yourself