How do we donate to Palestine? [Archives:2003/686/Local News]

November 17 2003

Sources in a number of mosques across Sanaa have reveal that the Ministry of Endowment and Guidance has taken away donation boxes for Palestine placed by the Islah charity in the city and in other governorates.
The sources said that the ministry’s justification was that those donation campaigns were launched without prior notification or licensing from the ministry.
The action of the ministry was protested and criticized by worshippers and mosque staffers who have asked how the mosques can collect donations for Palestine.
The ministry had earlier accused political parties of using donation boxes to gain political benefits, not for the main goal of collecting money for Palestine.
Some analysts believe that this step may have been taken in response to external pressure by the US government on the Yemeni government to dry out sources of money to militant movements in Palestine including Islamic Hamas and Jihad movements.
The political department of Hamas, Khaled Mishaal had said in a visit last year that very little of the donations collected in Yemen arrive to Palestine, implying that such cash may indeed be used for political benefits instead.