How do you spend your holidays? [Archives:2006/987/Community]

October 5 2006

Radhi yahia Alradhi
English Teacher
[email protected]

Holidays at proper intervals are very important for people to refresh their energy.

As the old rhyme says

“All work and no play

Makes Jack a dull boy”

Holidays are like stations on the journey along the high road of life. Continuous work with out break may injure the health and end up with tire or fatigue rendering life cheerless and monotonous.

Short holidays, as weekends and festivals send people to their work with renewed zest and energy and they become refreshed and recharged to do their work again.

Students and teachers, in schools and colleges, are usually very eager to welcome holiday after they have finished an academic year of study.

Yet how do they spend their holidays? The answer may suggest a clear difference between a useful and a useless holiday.

The holiday is misused if it is spent in stupid idleness, or in an exhausting round of exciting amusement or any other unhealthy and useless pursuits.

The student or any other person, may come back to his work tired, listless, and uninterested. In this case, the holiday instead of dong well may do harm much more than steady work can do.

The holiday is more useful, if some one goes out into clean and pure air of the country and lives healthily enjoying games and sports and reading useful books or learning useful skills.

Howerver, one should not be completely idle. Change of occupation is rest, and if some one has little regular work it makes his holiday not only healthier but more enjoyable and useful and he is sure to come back to his work with renewed energy and interest.

For that, parents have to take care of their children's holiday and engage them in learning new skills and taking them in journeys to parks to have some fun and make their children's holiday more useful and fruitful.