How Far Has The Interrogation  With The Accused Gone? [Archives:2000/22/Reportage]

May 29 2000

Criminal Investigation envisages a strict confidentiality about results of interrogation of the accused. Mohammed Adam, the prime accused in the serial murder case was produced before the magistrate on Saturday. According to reliable sources primary investigations have confirmed to have recovered 12 bodies out of the 16 that the accused is believed to have killed. Preliminary investigations have also revealed involvement of 4 accomplices in the crime.
The accused confessed to have committed the first crime in Yemen in 1995 when he killed Fatima, a Somali girl. He met her in Al-Tahreer square in Sana’a and was able to convince her that he was a well-known professor in the College of Medicine. She was lured by money and visited him at the college morgue where he had sex with her. Her visits were repeated. He confessed to have sex with her more than 12 times before finally killing her. In the same year 4 girls were killed, one of whom was ‘Yasmin’. In 1996 he killed 2, one of whom asked him to provide her with some body organs. He asked her to come to the morgue. Her friend stayed outside waiting. As soon as she entered the morgue he sprayed some chemical substance on her face. As she fell on the ground unconscious, he felt that he might be at risk. So he called her friend in after he threw the unconscious body in the acids and repeated the same with her as well. Another victim was seen in a compromising pose with a friend. He came to them and started giving them a lecture about Islamic morals. He blackmailed the girl into the morgue and killed her.
The accused said that the college was in disarray which gave him the opportunity to carry out his evil designs. He also said that he used to carry out his brutal deeds during daytime. As Yemen Times has gathered, he used to ask the victims to come to the morgue at 4 O’clock in the afternoons.
VICE MINISTER OF INTERIOR TO THE MOTHER OF THE IRAQI VICTIM: “LOOK FOR YOUR DAUGHTER IN THE DANCE-FLOORS.”Still there are many questions which remain unanswered. According to the College of Medicine report which has been confirmed by the Criminal Investigation, the accused was first arrested in 1999 for taking bribes and spent a10-day term in prison. However, he was subsequently allowed to resume his duties. Many eyebrows are raised about the way the college security and the dean dealt with the mother of the Iraqi victim. She was dismissed by the dean when she came to his office who retorted he was not responsible for 5000 students. In addition, security guards used very abusive words against her indicating that her daughter might have eloped with a friend. The most reprehensible conduct in this incident relates to the Vice Minister of Interior, Muttaher Rashad Al-Misri who asked her to look for her daughter in ‘flats’ and dance-floors!
The questions are many and need careful investigation before the curtain is finally drawn. There is no doubt that the college authorities as well as the security guards are all responsible for spreading chaos in the college. One wonders:
– how the accused was allowed to enter the college after the working hours of the college to wipe up all traces of his crimes.
– Why the suspect was allowed to work in the college although he gained notoriety as an immoral drunk and a drug addicted.
– if the authorities concerned would disclose the accomplices of the accused.
To conclude, Director of the Criminal Investigation, Brigadier Al-Kumaim, must follow up investigation and reveal the facts about the crime instead of accusing newspapers of fabrication and exaggeration.