How Many ? [Archives:1997/51/Front Page]

December 22 1997

The following conversation with Dr. Yahia Al-Shu’aibi, Minister of Education, was overheard over a lunch table recently. “By the way, how many pupils are there?” The minister answered, “I don’t know exactly, but they are in the millions.” More talk. “By the way, how many teachers does your ministry employ?” Again, “I don’t know exactly, but they are in the hundreds of thousands.” More talk. And how many schools are in the public education system? “I don’t know, but they are in the thousands.” The minister did not have many answers. But soon, he will. A comprehensive 10-day census of the educational system is now underway. Teams of young people are all over the country counting students, teachers, administrators, desks, chairs, blackboards, and anything that has to do with education. For the first time, the Republic of Yemen will have a reliable educational data base.