How should our information be? [Archives:2002/04/Focus]

January 21 2002

Nawar Al-Hadad
Our Arab channels should be as a mirror, and window at the same time. They can reflect our actual manners; values, distinct system of life, the reality and base of our treatment, which are obtained from Islamic preaching with each other and with other nations. That mirror should show the greatness, exaltednes and dignity of Islam and explain how this religion is innocent from all false faiths, accusation and those who practice and commit horrible acts and flagrant offenses under cover of Islam. Arab channels must demonstrate the opinion and view of Islam about what is going on around us and how Islam perfectly tackles any problem in this complicated life. Thus our information can be the form and the background which describe the real united Muslim society against any honorific picture distorting its image. In addition it should redress the wrong viewpoint of other nations towards Islam and Muslim make clear and emphasize that what is showed in most of our channels is not desirable and doesnt belong to Islam. Also it has to make world understand that we are of the distinct characteristics and independent identity, not copy as we are obligatory for duties, we have also rights must be acknowledged by word and dead. So the policy of our information must be clear in its objectives, aims, plans and principles. And these bases should be taken from the mass to be honest, persuasive and reasonable. In brief these masses media are to be the voice of masses, not of group of self-seeker and pay attention only to gain much money. Additionally, these media should not be in hands of some authorities, which think that the present what makes people laugh and forget their problems. But behind the scene the aims of the authorities are different completely. Thus our information instead of being instructor and incentive which makes us be on the alert to face any incidental events, many of our channels try to distract people from concentration on what is happening by presenting trivialities in order to serve those hidden aims. In my opinion there is one channel that can be the real and desirable example that is Al-MANAR channel. It is really the channel of the Arabs and Muslims. This channel presents a marvelous resistant information which minimizes Israeli myth and puts it in its true position without compliment. ALManar is a glimmer of hope in the darkness of our information confusion. And this resistant channel surely what we need specially these days in which our great nation lives the worst circumstances. Actually it tries always to expose candidly the American collusion about: the concealing of Zionist carnage and it demonstrates the reality of this entity which is weaker than the spider web. And by all means Almanar reveals openly the truth of American policy towards us in different fields and how this policy is extortionate and provocative simultaneously. It confirms constantly that this entity must not be treated respectably or given peace to it. But this entity must be pulled out fully and we must disinfect our land from impurity and uncleanliness. On the contrary, some other channels talk shyly about the American policy and portray the Zionist entity as something very strong. And these channels attempt to persuade us that we should live with it peacefully under the pretext that this entity is something from reality and we must accept it. So these channels are the voice of those authorities which favor, not to excite or provoke their people against Israel because this will make U.S.A too angry. Consequently U.S.A will erase them completely. But they forget the exasperation and omnipotence of Allah. So this misled information must vanish and it can be created in a new frame and desirable picture to portray, express frankly and be the voice of people not something else. On the other hand there should be one channel or more follow Almanars policy and talk multilingual to make clear to the world, who are we. Greatness of our religion, our elevated civilization and honestly what is our main case, what we want, who plays with and derides at us insolently. But this thing is a dream to us and nightmare to the pygmies and spiteful people. Honesty I pray for Allah to clarify our nation from any blotch that may blot its grand history for life.