HR Minister insists on defending child rights [Archives:2005/882/Local News]

October 3 2005

SANA'A- Sept. 27- Ms. Amatalalim al-Soswa, Minister of Human Rights stressed the importance of enhancing the national protection of child rights, considering children the social section which is more exposed to danger than others.

The confirmation of Human Rights Minister came as part of a field awareness program on the phenomenon of child trafficking. The Program is being implemented by the Human Rights Ministry in cooperation with the UNICEF Office in Sana'a. It started last Monday in the District of Aflah al-Sham, Hajjaj Governorate and is due to last up until the 29th of September including the districts of Maidi and Haradh.

Ms. Al-Soswa said her ministry, by coordinating with the concerned sides and local authorities in different governorates, set an awareness program targeting local council member, parents, MPs, students, teachers, mosque teachers and border guards.

The program is due to be implemented in the governorates of Hajjah, Sa'ada, al-Mahweet and al-Mahrah, where the phenomenon of child trafficking on its highest rate.

The Human Rights Minister considered child trafficking extraneous on the Yemeni society, describing the phenomenon as contradicting the human values and principles and humiliating the human dignity, and people who smuggle children out of Yemen to be laborers in other countries are immoral and ungoverned by the teachings of Islam.

She emphasized that a primary role should be played by the security apparatuses and the border guards to put an end to such a phenomenon that violates the rights of children and expose them to abuse and other kinds of exploitation. She praised efforts of some authorities that thwarted several attempts of smugglers before they passed the borders connecting Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

Many speeches on the phenomenon's consequences were given by Dr. Hassan al-Sharafi, Professor of Criminal Law at Sana'a University, during his visits to governorates targete`d by the program.