HRITC holds a CourseSpecial Course on Community planning for Women Organizations [Archives:2004/777/Local News]

September 30 2004

A training course on Community planning which has been organized by the Queen Zain-al-Sharaf Institute for Development in Jordon in collaboration with Human Rights Information and Training Center (HRITC), started on the 28th September 2004. The course which will last for one week includes: training on the connotations of Community planning, Planning elements and its different stages, training on preparing speedy research and measuring the local community's requirements. The program will comprise practical training and field visits to prepare research plans, data analyzing, and evaluating the community's requirements. The course is a special one for organizations operating in Women Development field in which 30 female trainees from different women's unions in Aden will participate.
This training course comes from the real interest of the Center, which is the necessity of developing the capabilities of civil community associations and their contribution to development operations.
Additionally, the course offers a chance to benefit from the training expertise of Jordanian.
On the other hand, HRITC is going to organize the 4th Arab course on 3rd October, in Aden Governorate. The course will be attended by 35 male and female trainees from eleven Arab countries including Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordon, Lebanon, Moroccow, Palestine, Egypt, Somalia, and Yemen.
The trainees on the regional course will receive lectures on the legal background of human rights, economic, social and cultural rights in addition to workshops on the world's legal framework on human rights and agreements on child's and women's rights. In addition, participants will listen to lectures on civil and political rights, the democratic contribution problem of the Arab homeland and the regional agreements on human rights as well as the International Criminal Court. During the course, participants will benefit from checking and documenting cases of human rights violations and a number of other important topics.
The course, which continues until 9th October, will reward a group of the best trainees and academics, i.e. from Egypt, Tunis, Jordon, Algiers, Yemen, and Palestine.
It is worth mentioning that HRITC have regularly attempted to organize this course and to aim to hold it annually. The course focuses on representatives of NGOs, and activists from Arab countries, especially, the Peninsula's states and Arab Gulf. It is considered one of the most distinguished and advanced courses, which has gained a wide Arab fame. In addition, it is worth noting that 4th Arab course will be organized by the Center in coordination with the KONRAD ADENAUER Human. It will be attended by representatives of the Supreme Higher Commission to Human Rights of UNDP, Geneva.