HRITC human rights training course concludes [Archives:2006/959/Front Page]

June 29 2006

Mohammed Al-Jabri
SANA'A, June 28 ) Human rights is an important issue in societies and there are now individuals working in this field and the fields of freedom, reform and change for a culture that will create peaceful change in societies, Minister of Foreign Affairs Abu Bakr Al-Qirbi said, concluding the third regional training course for Training of Trainers on Human Rights on June 27.

The Human Rights Information and Training Center (HRITC) organized the training course in cooperation with the Canada Fund Development Program for Local Initiatives in Yemen.

Beginning June 21, the course included 35 participants from Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt. Attendees were from various backgrounds such as civil society, police, prisons and judicial fields.

Addressing the course participants, Al-Qirbi said, “You play a role in introducing society's rights and defending human rights, as this training course included a group of individuals concerned with human rights, representing some Arab states.”

He added that participants included both men and women representing governments, judiciary, security and civil community organizations, which “reflects the advance in Arab states regarding human rights.

“Human rights originally are from the core of religious teachings and manifested in the holy Qur'an and Sunnah and in the actions of the Prophet Mohammed's followers,” Al-Qirbi noted.

HRITC representative Emily Kinges said, “This partnership is excellent and has extended over seven years. We're honored to work with the HRITC. During this period, we've observed that the HRITC has a prominent presence and it might spark human rights work,”

Kinges concluded by saying that such a constellation of participants represented only a kernel of human rights in Arab states and that cooperating with civil community organizations is permanent.

HRITC Director Izz Addin Al-Asbahi expressed happiness at the training course's success, pointing out that such a course is a beginning regarding human rights and building an entire program to spread awareness.

He further stated that course participants are a connecting point, whether in their countries or places they target, to spread the values of human rights. “Practically, we think we've opened a window into each Arab state. These participants are ambassadors in their countries to make human rights principles firm,” Al-Asbahi added.

Judge Yousef Al-Faghori, Attorney General and head of the military judiciary in Jordan, also delivered a speech on behalf of the trainees.