HRITC organizes a symposium on civil society in the Arabian Peninsula [Archives:2004/733/Local News]

April 29 2004

As part of their activities in the region, and as an attempt to strengthen the abilities and capacities of civil society institutions in the region and to create new horizons for cooperation, the Human Rights Information and Training Center (HRIC) is organizing a symposium that is scheduled to take place in Taiz during the period of 4-5 May, 2004.
The agenda consists of 4 pivots:
– challenges, such as independency and relationship with official institutions that are facing the region's civil society institutions.
– privacy
– The social and political challenges that are facing the traditional tribal system.
– Finding an appropriate mechanism to establish cooperation and coordination among such institutions.
Thirty-five participants are expected to attend the symposium meetings, representing nine Arab states: Kuwait, Bahrain, KSA, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Yemen, Egypt and Palestine.
In a press release, Mr. Ezuddin Al-Asbahi, Director of the Center, asserted that the main goal of the symposium is to come out with a vision for future cooperation that will enable civil society in the region to develop and meet the challenges facing them.