HRITC Trains Journalists on Human Rights Issues [Archives:2000/32/Local News]

August 7 2000

Organized by the Human Rights Information & Training Center (HRITC) organizes a four-day workshop to train journalists on human rights issues started yesterday. Arab human rights experts are taking part in the workshop like Professor Mohammed Ameen Maidani, the director of the Arab Program at the the International Institute for Human Rights, France and Mr. Abdullah Khaleel and Majdi Helmi from Egypt. In the opening speech, Mr. Izzaddin Al-Asbahi, Director General of HRITC highlighted the significance of the workshop as it targets the journalists who are to play an important informative role in the society on their rights. Mr. Al-Asbahi added that media can be instrumental in getting people understand their rights and accordingly defend them.
More than 30 journalists from different Yemeni governorates are taking part in the workshop.