Hudida Marine environment at risk [Archives:2005/898/Health]

November 28 2005

The marine environment in Hudida is damaged badly because of spilled oil, solid waste, refuse, and the sewers, according to appealed prosecution in Hudida .

Mr. Isehaq Mohammed Salah, director of appealed prosecution, sent a memo (Yemen Times obtained a copy), in the 16th of November to Dr. Qasam Bria, Director of Hudaida University, in which he mentioned that there are many breaches, refuse, wastes of sewers and chemical staff, in many regions such as Rasaisa, Katib, and Alarag, cause damage and contaminate the marine environment. Such damages reflect itself on the marine creatures, particularly fish which become, according to the memo, weird taste and sick.

Mr. Isehaq said to Yemen Times that he performed an investigation process himself after he had finished a fish meal with his family ” the fish taste was odd and bad'' he said. “I went with a group of experts to some fishing regions for investigation and we found that fish have odd smell” he added. The fishers pointed to Rasaisa ,Katib, and Alarag when they were asked about the regions where similar problem be found. “I felt the situation is really dangerous so I sent a memo to Hudida university to investigate and write a detailed report” Mr. Isehaq said

Hudaida University was requested to investigate the situation, evaluate the damages and prepare a technical report to be sent to the involved authorities

Dr.Qasam stated to Yemen Times that he ordered the formation of a team to investigate the situation, however this investigation will take time.

Dr. Ahmed Hamadi , dean Of Marine biology Collage, said that he can not give any information before the investigative team complete its mission. However, he insisted that the red sea environment is considered “the cleanest environment”