Huge losses due to crimes in 2003 [Archives:2004/704/Local News]

January 19 2004

In a recent report by the Yemeni Interior Ministry, the crimes committed during the past year 2003 had led to huge human and material losses in which 15,500 people were killed in different areas of the republic, 152 of which were females and the rest were males.
This number of people killed last year was relatively similar to that of 2002 with the difference in the number of the injured as 5,913 were injured in 2003 and that is a little bit more than that of the year 2002 which amounted to 5,680.
With regard to material losses resulted from crimes during past year 2003, their value amounted to more than YR 1.3 billion.

Crime rate for 2003
The daily rate in crimes committed all over the governorates of the Republic of Yemen during the year 2003 according to statistics by the security competent bodies amounted to 51, whilst the weekly rate during the same year amounted to 359. As for grave crimes the time rate was as follows:
Premeditated Murder: Such crimes are committed in Yemen in the rate of 3 crimes per day, 19 per week and 82 per month.
Murder Attempts Crimes: They happen at the rate of six per day, 41 per week and 179 per month.
Cars Theft Crimes: The theft of cars takes place at the rate of 2 per day, 14 per week and 63 per month.
House Burglaries: House burglaries take place at the rate of 2 per day, 14 per week and 70 per month.
Banditry Crimes: The weekly rate of banditry is 6 and amount to 27 per month.
In another report by the Yemeni Interior Ministry, it is mentioned that the rate of committed crimes in Yemen is relatively constant and that uncovering such crimes has risen significantly in the year 2003.
The report also mentioned that crimes committed during the year 2003 amounted to 18,680 crimes all over the Republic and that is according to statistics prepared by the competent bodies in the Yemeni Interior Ministry.
Those crimes have covered different aspects of society where grave crimes amounted to 11,563, non-grave crimes amounted to 7,117 whilst the uncovered crimes amounted to 15,536 of the same year.
As for the crimes which are still under investigation they amounted to 3,144 crimes. Statistical indicators refer to the deterrence of 2,303 potential crimes during the year 2003.