Huge mineral wealth in Yemen [Archives:2003/683/Local News]

November 6 2003

Mohammed bin Sallam
Sana’a, Nov. 1 -Some geological studies and surveys revealed that in Yemen there is very large stock of varied mineral wealth, such as gold, rocky salt, gypsum and oil.
A report linked to the GPC was broadcast on Monday through its website (Muatamar Net), and informed that some experts assert the existence of metallic minerals in large quantities. The studies have revealed that there are 20 sites of gold, 25 sites of silver, 30 sites of zinc, 60 sites of platinum, 61 sites of iron, and more sites of other rare elements.
The report also indicated to some surveys done by a Russian team, which affirmed the existence of a stock of crude gold in Mon Valley in Hadhramout government, which contains 962,000 tons, while the capacity of the reserve of crude gold in Al-Hariqah in Haja governorate almost reaches 33 million barrels, according to studies carried out by a Canadian company.
As for the other minerals like lead, zinc, and silver, they are found in Al-Jabali area, 110 km, northeast the capital. Jabali is considered to be one of the most important ancient mines for extracting silver, dating to the third century, as it is mentioned in a book named Al-Gauharatain Al-Ateegatain (Two Ancient Jewels).
Its reserves are estimated at 9.3 million tons according to studies.
Minerals like cobalt, silver, nickel, and platinum elements are abundently found at southeast city of Taiz where its reserves have been estimated at 41,000,000 tones. Those elements also can be found at Sowar area, west of the capital at about 4,000,000 tone reserves.
Nonmetallic elements are also found in large quantities.
Mineralogists in Yemen have indicated that mineral mapping and surveys confirmed that a large portion of minerals in Yemen are found in different parts of the country such as, gold, platinum and nickel in Sada’a, Suk al-Enan, Wadi Mushref, and al-Baidha.