Human Rights Information & Training Center and consultation status [Archives:2004/732/Local News]

April 26 2004

The Human Rights Information & Training Center (HRITC) has obtained the International Consultation Status of the United Nations, making the center the first regional organization in the Arab Peninsula and the Gulf to obtain such status.
The Organizations Commission, a non-governmental organization at the United Nations in New York, had approved the request of HRITC early of this year before it transferred the request to the meeting of the Social and Economic Council, which in turn granted HRITC, whose main headquarters are in Yemen, special consultation status.
The letter from the UN in New York confirmed the role of HRITC and requested that it assume its new role and to name its permanent representatives to the missions of the UN in New York, Geneva and Vienna.
Consultation status allows the center to attend meetings related to the scope of its activities a well as the meetings of the Social and Economic Council, to presents its suggestions in connection with draft projects and to present its opinions of concern to UN specialized commissions.
The press release issued by HRITC points out that this step is considered a big success for all civil society organizations in Yemen and in countries of the Arab Peninsula and the Gulf, in particular those working in the field of human rights.
Mr. Azzadeen al-Asbahi, Chairman of the center, said that this new membership would make of the center an open forum for all voices of freedom and human rights. He praised the roles of Yemeni and Arab non-governmental organizations that work with HRITC.
The center values the role of the Yemeni Mission to the UN for its positive stance and support as well as the supportive stances of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Human Rights.