Human Rights Minister condemns kidnapping of Italians [Archives:2004/773/Local News]

September 16 2004

Minister of Human Rights Amat Al-Alim Al-Suswa expressed Yemen's condemnation of the kidnapping of two Italian women in Iraq during her meeting with Italian Deputy Foreign Minister, Margaret Boniver. Al-Suswa said: “That damages the peaceful tolerant principles of Islam based on equality, justice, freedom, fraternity, and prevalence of global human values.”
She considered the kidnapping of the two Italians as a dangerous trend that targets workers on humanitarian missions serving the Iraqi people.
“This does not serve the Iraqi cause as much as it widens the scope of terrorism and violence, and consequently damages the interests of the land and people of Iraq,” added the Minister.
The Italian Deputy Foreign Minister expressed appreciation of Yemen, and recognized the strong mutual relations between the two countries. She said that the Italian government counts on public and official stances that condemn the kidnapping of the two Italian hostages.
At another meeting between Al-Suswa, the Italian diplomat and women's NGO leaders in Yemen, Al-Suswa affirmed that Yemen appeals to all Iraqi parties, humanitarian organizations, clerics and social figures to work for the release of the two Italian hostages, so that they can go back to their country and families.
“This is important for security and stability in Iraq instead of terrorism, and violence,” she said.
On their part, Yemeni women leaders denounced the kidnapping, and reiterated Yemen's stance, which calls for releasing them.