Human Rights Minister to YT “Our Work will not be Limited to Political, But also to Socio-Cultural Issues” [Archives:2001/16/Front Page]

April 16 2001

Dr. Wahibah Ghalib Far’e, first woman Minister of Human Rights, has said that it is very significant that a portfolio for human rights was established in Yemen. Yemen has ratified all international treaties on human rights and it is necessary to have an official institution to see how principles are to be put into practice. She told YT that she was proud of being the first woman to assume such a position. She hoped that her experience would pave the way for other women to get such posts, and to have the satisfaction of achieving the goal of being at the power center and decision-making core. 
They would further feel that their voice has been heard and dreams met. She indicated that the government is serious about promoting women’s role in society and, her appointment to this position will help women in the future. She also pointed out she will be working with women in the field of motherhood and childhood. She denied statements that her ministry was created to propagate the political regime and sell it abroad. Pointing out that the ministry will be a voice for the whole society and work with all groups in this field. She added that human rights are not merely the business of the political regime only. Rather, it is the business of everyone. It is a question of the whole society and everybody has to contribute to improve it. She stressed that she would cooperate with all NGOs working in the field in order to record all abuses and violations, and that these NGOs should be objective in targeting such issues. 
Dr. Far’e said also that one of her priorities is to include awareness courses in school curricula, adding that she would start this with kindergartens and basic education. She also said that there are a lot of Arab and international organizations that are willing to support women’s organizations working on education.