Human Rights Ministry issues 2004’s report [Archives:2005/855/Local News]

June 30 2005

Hassan Al-Zaidi
Funded by the UN Development Program, the Ministry of Human Rights, recently reshuffled, issued its national report for the year 2004 on the status of human rights in Yemen.

The report is composed of a number of chapters containing all that has been presented by the State on the political, economical and social rights, citizenship rights and the rights of children and the handicapped.

The report seems to be different from other issuances of the civil society organizations and the international committees interested in human rights.

The report has not included all the violations and breaches contradicting human rights as well as the local and the international laws. It included a page beautifying the image of the government and did not touch upon issues and illegal practice reported to the ministry during 2004.

It never made a mention of any solutions suggested for complaints and oppressions practiced against humanity.

The report affirmed that the official responses for complaints number up to 12 cases with the rate of 0.7%.

It clarified that violations committed by security recruits during 2002 amounted to 54 cases, meanwhile these scores multiply to 54 violation cases a day, according to special sources.

Observers hold the view of the report, issued by an official party, are not comprehensive and hope it to discuss things with transparency, particularly as the Ministry of Human Rights exerted precious efforts for its issuance.