Human Rights Observation and documentation [Archives:2005/860/Local News]

July 18 2005

The first training course in the field of observation and documentation was organized by The Yemeni Observatory for Human Rights (Y.O.H.R.), in coordination with the German Frierich Ebert Stiftung.

The course was for four days. During this time the participants were trained in a number of skills. They also attended important lectures on Human Rights documentation, and how to deal with them.

Some concerned people and media people have also attended lectures conducted by expert trainers.

Some of the subjects that were tackled were the categorization of rights according to the international Human Rights charters, and the categorization of Human Rights according to the Yemeni legislations.

The method of design and formation of forms for observation was also tackled.

Participants also received field training that they will benefit from in their observing of Human Rights.