Human Rights Regional Course Kicked off [Archives:2001/01/Local News]

December 31 2001

The Taiz-based Human Rights Training & Information Center (HRITC) organized an Arab regional meeting on human rights in which 40 trainees took part. In the inaugural celebration, Ali Mohammed al-Anessi, Director of the Presidency Office, Deputy-Chairman of the Higher Committee for Human Rights stressed Yemen’s readiness to crackdown on terrorism; however, he pointed out that the campaign on terrorism would certainly put restrains on human rights, as well as the freedom of movement, investment and trade.
The British Ambassador to Yemen emphasized that non-governmental organizations had a very important role to play with regard to the promotion of human rights. “Governments are often more willing to criticize others than to look at their own problems, and governments are sometimes worried about interfering in the internal affairs of other states. But NGOs can act as a catalyst to draw attention to both national and international problems. And they can make sure that governments have the information on which to act,” she added.
Izzaddin al-Asbahi, Chairman of HRITC, said in his speech that the course principally meant to stress the importance of working to cement the principles of human rights and promote solidarity among the Arab states.
A word on behalf of the UN Secretary-General, Kufi Anan, on the occasion of the 53th anniversary of Human Rights Declaration, was addressed by Yousef Aburass, United Nations’ Office Director in Yemen.
Similarly, the French Embassy’s Cultural Advisor delivered a speech in which he confirmed his country’s commitment to support Yemen’s in the field of human rights.