Human Rights to join UN in March [Archives:2006/908/Local News]

January 2 2006

SANA'A, Jan. 1 ) Human Rights Minister Ms. Amat Al-Aleem Alsuswa has been appointed by Kofi Anaan Secretary General of the United Nations as an assistant Manager for the UN Development Program and a Regional Manager for the Arab countries Program. After serving a little more than two and half years since June 2003, as a Human Rights Minister Ms. Amat Alsuswa has accepted the appointment and is to start her duties with the UN shortly this year to commence working with the UN in New York beginning of March. This means that Ms. Alsuswa will not be able to continue her role as Human Rights Minister until the new government is formed in September this year and obviously she will not be taking part of the new government.

Being the only female minister, speculations that there could be another female minister in the new government yet the candidates are not revealed until now. “I hope half of the new government are females, why not? I can only wish the new government all the best.” She said to Ms. Nadia Al-Sakkaf editor in chief of the Yemen Times in a phone conversation yesterday.

On its part, the Yemeni government welcomed the UN General Secretary's resolution for appointing as Dr. Abubakr Alqirbi, the Foreign Minister confirmed the support of several friendly and brotherly countries for the nomination of Alsuswa for this post.

Dr. Alqirbi considered this appointment as an indication for the distinctive place that Yemen occupies in the world. He confirmed the experience and ability of Alsuswa to achieve successes in managing the Arab office of The UNDP.

Ms. Amat Al-Aleem Alsuswa, a mother of two, had taken a number of posts among which is the Deputy Information Minister in 1997, a Consultant for the UNDP Office in Sana'a for Women and poverty in 1996. She became the Head of Women National Committee in 1993. Alsuswa became a member of the high committee for General consensus and population in 1992-94.

This is in addition to many posts in which she proved tremendously successful.