Humans or angels [Archives:2005/885/Culture]

October 13 2005

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Turning into angles in Ramadan, our everyday life has become quite easy and worth living.

Some human devils, however, remain ugly and discourteous. In fact, they do not try to make use of the priceless blessings. Further, they enjoy what they have chosen for themselves, whatsoever!

Lovelier and more sublime:

How even more gentle my boss has become! How all these people have become even more lovelier! The landlord, the grocer, my colleagues, my aunt, my neighbors, Yemen Times journalists and editors, our neighborhood's lunatic who used to shout – arguing with people in positions of responsibility when it happen that they pass by and with the common people, giving his own opinions about local and international issues- all the night, the lady who used to drop litter in front of my apartment and many others.

Dead and paralyzed streets:

The other day, I went surveying the main street at mid-day in my city. I was actually depressed to find that almost the whole street was dead. No single pharmacy or bookshop was open. Nothing, nothing. Even the crazy and mad people who used to roam and pace the streets were absent.

Non has instructed those people to sleep and fast in such a way or to sustain life as such.

The Grand Angel:

Recently, President Saleh has issued amnesty decree pertaining to those who had differences and disputes with the government and with the country as a whole. Salam and gratitude go to him for such a great gesture which is customary and characteristic of him.

More gratitude:

Mr. President, in addition to the above mentioned example, has forgiven some of those in prisons who unintentionally committed murder and have to pay blood money to the families of the murdered. He also ordered some prisoners whose sentences are about to finish in months or a few years to be released.

Solemnity and prayers:

In Ramadan, all people pray and perform more prayers than in other months. Within a given family, one can easily realize the change. Most, if not all, of the family members do the prayers now and do other optional preferable prayers like al-Taraweeh and Tahajud. Women go to mosques to perform al-Taraweeh prayers and keep reciting the holy Quraan at home. Further, they often opt for watching Islamic channels on TV instead of other sorts of satellite stuff. Little children are encouraged to regularly perform prayers and learn more about their religion, Islam.

Women also prefer to avoid makeup during the day and start wearing clothes that make them appear holier, and more decent and solemn. In the rural areas, women prefer to stay up at night and perform al-Taraweeh. Because TV sets are not very common there, they sit and listen to radios. Most of them wear white scarves and special attires.

You really believe now in God since you actually feel the blessings of Allah in this holy month. Devils are chained; blessings are descending from Heavens; people have changed into innocent angels. The whole surroundings are vibrating and charged with the grandeur of Ramadan and its special flavor.