Hundreds of demonstrators demand arresting Qusailah killers [Archives:2007/1046/Local News]

April 30 2007

SANA'A, April 29) Some Members of Parliament together with many sheikhs and hundreds from Al-Mahweet governorate congregated before Presidency Palace in Al-Sabaen in protest against non-arrest of those who killed Col. Ali Mahmoud Qusailah, head of Criminal Investigation office in Mareb after being trapped by the end of the last month by unknown people.

Hamoud Qusailah, Col. Ali's father, pointed out the end behind such demonstration is to ask authorities to arrest those responsible for killing his son and accused the state of being impaired. He further noted that the demonstration will continue until the killers are arrested. He also added that President Saleh promised to arrest killers within twenty days.

Hamoud elaborated that his son was in an official task and delegated by high ranking officials to perform it; however, he did not reveal the nature of this task.

Sheikh Hamoud Qutainah asserted the demonstration will continue until their demands are met by state represented in arresting those involved, maintaining “this is the aim for which we are peacefully demonstrating.””

Demonstrators' media committee set strict rules for them to follow including asking the demonstrators not to bear any firearms and to follow the instructions of the organizing committees as well as standing in those places meant for that end.

Ali Qusailah