Hundreds of soldiers demonstrate seeking reinstatement [Archives:2006/980/Local News]

September 11 2006

SANA'A, Sept. 9 ) More than 800 soldiers demonstrated Saturday in Hodeidah, seeking reinstatement to their military units according to a general amnesty resolution following the 1994 Civil War.

Raising banners requesting swift reinstatement to their military units, the demonstrators were encircled by military cars.

Media sources reported that the soldiers came from the south after being referred to Hodeidah. They've been staying at the Central Security camp more than 45 days, hoping the arrival of concerned committees would contain the situation; however, the committees' arrival has been suspended.

According to the same sources, the soldiers claim they face difficult living circumstances and that some are afflicted by skin diseases due to lack of health care.

They further allege that Central Security leadership treats them badly and threatens to dismiss anyone objecting to the camp's poor conditions. Regardless, the soldiers declare that they'll continue their demonstration until the presidential resolution is applied.