Hussein Al-Ahmar threatens to establish new political party [Archives:2005/907/Front Page]

December 29 2005

Yasser Al-Mayasi
SANAA, Dec.28 ) Sheikh Hussein Bin Abdullah Al-Ahmar, an MP and a member of the People's General Congress Parliamentary Bloc, revealed to Al-Nas weekly his intention to establish a new party if the People's General Congress (PGC) would not change its current policy.

Sheikh Hussein Al-Ahmar, son of Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmar speaker of Parliament and head of Islah political party, expressed his doubt that the PGC will implement the decisions concluded from the Seventh General Conference held a few days ago in the city of Aden.

He emphasized the importance of holding the government accountable if decisions of the PGC's Seventh General Conference are not applied.

Sheikh Hussein Al-Ahmar, who strongly objected to the recent economic reforms program, ascertained that he devotes his efforts for serving the country, however, there are some PGC leaders who hate his presence in the ruling party.

“The election of the PGC general secretaries during the Seventh General Conference experienced a number of violations, particularly in the party reshuffling process at the level of constituencies and provinces” Sheikh Al-Ahmar said, pointing out the ruling party violates its bylaws in clandestine and not in public.

He affirmed that democracy in the PGC and other parties is still junior and has not been embodied with its real concept on political leaders.

According to Sheikh Al-Ahmar, democracy in Yemen has deteriorated over the last few years due to the absence of balance between political powers in the country. The PGC is strongly present in the political arena due to the presence of President Saleh and this party is destined to deteriorate in case the President resigns, he noted.

“President Ali Abdullah Saleh is the main pillar for the survival of the PGC in the Yemeni political arena,” he commented.

Concerning his misfortune of not winning a post in the PGC's General Secretariat, he said, “my nomination was upon the request of the President who convinced me and my father despite my objection to the suggestion.”

He confirmed that he could not win because of his stand against the dose reforms, lifting subsidy on oil derivatives, as well as his support for the eradication of corruption.

It is claimed that Sheikh Hussein Al-Ahmar was dropped from the list of backed candidates in the political leadership because of his objection to the party's current policies and his advocacy for firing corrupt officials from their posts.