I am in need of My Mum [Archives:2006/1007/Community]

December 14 2006

By: Fuad Noman
[email protected]

I'm longing for your tender touch

To your devotion castle, I wish I could fly

And to my old dreams I would catch

How pretty vibes I hold inside

But the life's incisor leading me to be paralyzed


Please do not leave me alone

I am in need of your hugs too much

Mum, I am longing to deeply sleep

In the meadow of your heart,

I see my motherland's soul rend in apart

But when I touch your pulse

My root parts become really collected and unified

By your heart's strength I always feel proud

My mum,

Do not leave me alone,

I wish I could transfer my warm love

By the sunbeams to be forever your own


Let my age return in safe and sound

Flowering in your passion farm

To forget all past life's sorrows and harm

In your rosy lips,

How nice dewdrops are fully-grown!

When you softly touch my cheeks,

The sea's sighs become calm

Would I might reach where thou dost sleep

To clasp your peaceful soul with my woeful dreams

To calm down my shrieks or to hide my screams

My soul's boat still floats with the waves of moan

With our happy flowers the thorn is always grown

As if on my sad land's bed-sheet I was born

As you see tears have not yet dried out

No love like a mother's heart when it fills

Our happiness from the earliest birthday

Mum, listen how much my soul screams

In the canyon of your heart,

I can only find my old dreams

I still remember your kind hand

That always sets the storm's arm aside

Your wise tongue makes my space wide

The temple of the radiant love you've built

It's still towering highly up

So your soft touch is my bread and greed

Only your love that I need