I can see it in their eyes:Our youth can make a better Yemen [Archives:2004/746/Viewpoint]

June 14 2004

It has not been a surprise for me to see that a growing number of young Yemenis studying in or who have graduated from local universities or universities abroad have the desire to develop their country and make it a better place.
I have no doubt at all that their number is increasing by the day. I have noticed many forums and communities of young Yemenis nowadays eager to help develop their country in the way they see fit.
I recall writing about the great initiative of the Yemenite Global Network of Volunteers for Development (ygnvd.org), whose members have brought about a clear vision of the need to start on a voluntary base to help develop Yemen and other countries of the world.
Then I noticed the Yemeni Students Association Abroad (ysaa.org), whose objective was to bring Yemenis studying abroad together, explore their potentials and ideas, and help develop projects for the enhancement of their role in helping Yemen to develop, especially by providing them with opportunities to present their qualifications on the website, which in turn will help them work in fields they see themselves capable of handling, hence replacing foreign labor with locals.
Then, just last week, I was delighted to have received two young and inspired Yemenis representing yet another promising initiative: The Yemeni-Canadian Relations Council (ycrc.ca). The two fine gentlemen have told me that they are already on the verge of holding the first ever youth conference in Yemen in an international scale. The Youth Development Conference 2004 is probably a pioneer step that could bring many of the ambitions of Yemeni youth to life through their practical involvement and participation in activities that could help develop the country and create opportunities never thought about before.
As I hail this courageous and inspired initiative, I would like to confirm the solid and strong stance of Yemen Times in support of such actions, which represent a glimmer of hope for a better future and a developed Yemen.
I also seize the opportunity to urge our government and also the international community to support those civil society initiatives coming from a segment that has long been ignored.
It is about time to allow the young to do what the earlier generation wanted to but couldn't accomplish. We ought to realize that this is the era of creativity, new ideas and revolutionary initiatives. We must understand that in such a rapidly changing world, only those with the energy and new ideas are the ones who could constitute the pillar of a large-scale revolt against stagnancy and backwardness.
I have great faith in our youth, and I believe they should have faith in themselves too, especially as they are the ones who are not only willing, but who will be able to change today's Yemen to the better, far beyond our expectations.
May God bless them all in their genuine and sincere efforts.