I dream of a world [Archives:2008/1175/Community]

July 24 2008

By: Somaya Al-Shameery
Sana'a Univrsity Faculty of Education
[email protected]

I dream of a world like no other

A world where war has been abolished from existence and is superseded by fantasy.

A world where there's:

No more sorrows

No more hunger

No more depression

No more false promises

and no more separation.

I dream of a world of fantasy and freedom, a world of peace and I am the peacemaker.

I dream of a world where I can go:

Beyond realism

Cross boundaries

Break barriers

Overcome fears

Overcome missions

and be the cause of a smile on an innocent's face.

I dream of a world of laughter and enjoyment, a world of success and settlement.

I dream of a world where:

Happiness can be reachable

Freedom can be audible

Success can be honorable

Understanding can be inevitable.

I dream and wish for what's called this Planet Earth and its creatures, “human beings,” to be merciful when dealing with one another and to try to be creators, not destroyers.