I Have all the Documents Related to the School Plot : Brigadier al-Herdi [Archives:2002/02/Local News]

January 7 2002

Brigadier Naji al-Herdi confirmed that he possessed all documents confirming his ownership of the piece of land that currently hold the school building of Musa’ab bin Omair in al-Asbahi residential district. Al-Herdi who presented his documents to the Yemen Times, said the parliament which set up a committee to resolve the problem gave him the right to close down the school if he was not compensated by the Ministry of Education (MOE).
He told the Yemen Times that he would not make any concessions of his property and that he would have no choice but to close down the school again if his demands were not met, particularly as the school itself was not recognized by the MOE.
Brigadier al-Herdi, earlier shut down the school for two months prior to Ramadan and then reopened it upon orders of the Commander-in-Chief of the Republican Guards till the problem was to be solved.
Al-Herdi’s documents mention that he owns 48 Libna in this place which has been taken without compensating him. The local council of the Capital-Secretariat said he addressed a letter to the MOE and that he was waiting a response.
More than 800 students study at the Musa’ab bin Omair school which was built in 1984 by the residents of the quarter.
Al-Herdi has previously given a ten year time-limit for the MOE to compensate him, but the problem was not solved till this very day.