I have no interest in the political and religious hypocrisy [Archives:2000/34/Focus]

August 21 2000

Al-Murtadhi bin Zaid Al-Mahtuari, originally from Haja governorate, studied Islamic law sciences. He founded the Badr Scientific Center and some other centres for teaching Islamic law sciences in addition to publishing a number of books in this field. Politics dictates that it is prudent for the authority to concentrate on dealing with domestic affairs because the inside has much superiority over foreign matters by a very high percentage, sheikh Al-Mahtuari said. He has added that the President is capable of taking hard decisions. He is capable of implementing them too, mainly due to certain characteristics distinguishing him such as his strong character, his command of the army, his long experience and shrewdness.
In order to enforce laws, strenuous work has to be exerted so as to control the self-directed interests of some corrupt officials. Whenever there are corrupt officials, the treatment will be more and more difficult. The price will also be more expensive.
Rectifying the judiciary system is another more complicated issue. However, it is not impossible to solve. There are some tangibly positive aspects that can be seen in the Supreme Court since the appointment of Judge Zeid Al-Jumrah who set out making strong and strict measures to ensure enforcement of laws. He defined the courts members rights and obliged them to finish deciding the accumulated cases which were about 7000 cases. I also came to know that he had sent some judges for questioning and dismissed others. Therefore, if the judge is given the power to implement law and order and is protected against interference by the influential corrupt figures, I hope then that judiciary system of the country would have healthy recovery. However, it is impossible that there will be a complete recovery in the system.
It is first to identify the corrupt and then try them, punish them and recover what they have illegally taken away.That is, the authority should apply the policy of Where did you get it from?. This will be of great benefit for it would protect the corrupt themselves and rid the citizens of their evils and extortion.
So as to protect employees who stand against the bribery, we need to reconsider employment so as to choose the most proper person for the proper job. Employment should also be based on competency and not on any thing else. However, with this over-manned employment cadre and deeply rooted corruption that is spreading over all the dimensions of the society, one could easily discern the reasons that led employees to this stage of ignorance and disregard of laws.
As regards the chaos and conflict between the mosque preachers and some artists and writers, I came to hear about it, however, I have no interest in the political and religious hypocrisy. If the novel was abusive to the Almighty God, the authorities should have banned it.