I love you, “honey!” [Archives:2008/1163/Community]

May 12 2008

By: Minal S.
With all of its preventive and curative values, honey has been a much talked about subject since time immemorial.

-Honey is best for the digestive system, as it's directly assimilative and laxative.

-Honey is a ready source of energy for the body, as a large quantity of amino acids, minerals, enzymes and vitamins are present in just one ounce of honey.

-Using honey twice daily provides sharpness of memory, eyesight and longer life.

-When taken with milk, honey cures ulcers.

-Honey helps reduce weight, if taken regularly with warm water and lime juice.

– Honey with a little fruit juice also purifies the blood and helps remove bile.

– Honey with papaya helps increase memory ability and cure nervous debility.

-Honey may be applied to burns and in due course, scars will disappear.

-Honey offers children resistance against various diseases and makes them healthy, while also assisting in their mental growth.

– Honey helps build hemoglobin in the blood.

– Tired and overworked individuals can recover by drinking 20 grams of honey with water (warm in the winter and cold in the summer).

– It's estimated that 30 grams of honey has a value equal to 1.65 kilograms of cheese and butter, 240 grams of meat, eight oranges or 10 eggs. A rich source of energy, along with milk, it is a perfect food.

– Honey may be used on toast, bread, biscuits, baked goods, etc., to give these edibles a delicate flavor.

– Honey may be used to check the stiffness of limbs in old age.

– Honey promotes sound sleep.

– Honey is useful for weak children, as it contains iron and copper.

– Honey has various beauty applications. To give hair extra body and shine, add a teaspoon of honey to half a liter of warm water, pouring through hair after shampooing and rinsing.

– Honey is a wonderful remedy for dry skin. Mix two tablespoons of honey with half a teaspoon of lime juice and gently spread on the face for 20 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water, leaving the skin clean, clear and fresh.

– Heart patients must take two teaspoons of honey before eating.

– Regular use of honey improves the liver. With its natural potassium and mineral potentials, honey is a rich, nutritious food and should be utilized to its best advantage by all age groups.

And with all of its qualities, “honey” as an endearment can always make one's day or night too!

I love you, “honey!”