I made my decision [Archives:2007/1015/Community]

January 11 2007

By: Nasser Mall-Hamami
[email protected]

Among all moths

Among all roses

Among all women

You are my choice

If I accept or refuse

I made my decision

I informed all newspapers

I informed all T.V

Even atmosphere will declare my decision

You don't know, who you are?

You are the songs, You are the rhymes

In my imagination

You are the bottle of my perfume

You are my choice

All gardens and flowers

All beautiful girls

All poems and songs and chanting of girls

They chant ,sing my decision

So, you are my choice

You are the only one among women ,took my heart

You gave command to your lips, saying to my chest

Open all roads

You passed the last place of my heart

You took my heart

Why you did?

What was my sin?

Why you deserted me?

You are my choice

You stay forever my poetry, feelings and heart's fire

If you make me angry, it's my decision

You are life

You are poem

You are my astray and choice

You are my baby

You are the time of sorry and doubts

You are my fellow

You are among gardens, my moth

You stay forever my choice

I made my decision