I miss you [Archives:2008/1217/Community]

December 18 2008

Mohammed Shujaa Aldeen
[email protected]

I miss the beautiful eyes

that I can sail through forever.

I miss the smile that send me to heaven.

I miss the mouth that says the loveliest words.

I miss that hair that every woman is envious of.

I miss the touch that comforts me in the times of despair.

I miss every part of second I spent with you.

I miss the laugh that I rejoiceat

I miss the tears that call on me to wash.

I miss te smile, oh, that pleasant odour.

I miss far and even more when you are near.

I miss the first time when you said you loved me.

I miss the the times when I had to opologize for being unkind to you.

I miss the colors that you like because I dont see them anymore

I miss the place where we sat and talked till dawn.

I miss the kindness that no one else can show

I miss the heart that was so big that it can love the whole world

now that you are dead

I dont know if I could go on.

I dont know if I could live or die

I cried over you for so long that I blended my self

alas could you be back? I guss not

I cant smell

I cant hear

I dont feel

dayes passes me by and seem like ages.

life has not taste

darkness prevails

but what keeps myself together is only one thing