Ibb police kill citizen [Archives:2006/962/Local News]

July 10 2006

IBB, July 9 ) Police killed a citizen from the Al-Sehoul area for his refusal to surrender his gun when ordered to do so by soldiers. Police then clashed with Mustafa Al-Dhubai and shot him dead.

According to eyewitnesses, the victim was a security officer working in Sa'ada and he already possessed an arm-bearing license.

Police shot Al-Dhubai dead under the pretext that he opened fire on their vehicle and holed its tires. However, people who were present in the scene confirmed the tires were shot by Khaled Al-Dhubai after he had seen his brother shot dead in the street, near Al-Dalil Taxi Station.

The brother of the victim pointed his gun at the police vehicle and started firing randomly, but no one was injured.

In another issue, security authorities in Ibb refused to release an aged inmate from prison, when he was suffering from hemorrhage and paralysis. One of the Ibb Central Prison inmates, under the name of Mohamed Saleh Al-Sharif, 80, had become incapacitated from a stroke, and yet the prison management and Public Prosecution refused to release him on bail, or even transfer him to an isolated room in jail so that his family could visit him, Al-Shoura Net reported.

The inmate's family claimed that contagious epidemics in prison and the unhealthy conditions, coupled with malnutrition, were the causes of their relative's illness.