Ibb prepares to host Fourth Tourist Festival [Archives:2006/938/Local News]

April 17 2006

Nashwan Dammaj
IBB, April 16 ) As part of its annual festivals, Ibb province has been making arrangements for nearly 45 days to host the Fourth Tourist Festival scheduled for this June.

Ibb Governorate officials held many meetings and deliberations with the Ministry of Tourism via which a 6-person committee was jointly formed to prepare for the festival. Meanwhile, Ibb local council will be responsible for rehabilitating Ibb and Jebla cities to host this year's tourist festival.

Deputy Ibb Governor and Local Council Secretary General Amin Al-Warafi said: “through hosting tourist festivals, Ibb looks forward toward being Yemen's tourist capital as the city is rich with numerous historic and ancient sights in many districts coupled with its nice climate and unique natural views.”

Representative of Ibb Governorate in the festival, Najib Al-Awaj, expressed hope the coming tourist festival will have a special taste and distinctive color as many Yemeni provinces will exhibit various cultural arts.

Al-Awaj pointed out they coordinated with different cultural institutions, including the Culture Ministry and Yemeni Writers Union, to partake in the event. He added they made coordination with the private sector to participate in the event and sponsor individual and group activities in different cultural areas. According to Al-Awaj, several private institutions and companies said they are ready to sponsor such activities.

He invited all Yemeni governors to interact with the festival through staging activities usually practiced in their governorates, expecting the parties concerned to invite Arab holidaymakers to take part in the event, particularly as it will be held in the summer.

Al-Awaj added numerous ancient and historic attractions including Queen Arwa Museum in Jebla are to be rehabilitated, calling on locals to interact with the event to make it a success.

General Manager of Ibb Tourist Office and member of the festival preparatory committee, Dr. Nabil Juzeilan stated the early preparation for the event and forming a preparatory committee from the concerned parties distinguishes this festival from previous ones.

The festival preparatory committee includes prominent personalities from the Tourism Ministry, Tourist Promotion Board and Ibb Governorate, who are interested in increasing awareness about tourism nationwide, Juzeilan said. A map for the festival activities is set and the Old City of Ibb and Jebla are selected to host the festival activities.