Ideas for Development of Tourism in Yemen [Archives:2000/28/Culture]

July 10 2000

Najeeb Yousef Mahyoub Sultan
State Authority for Tourism
State Administration for Ecotourism
Many employees in various tourist establishments are not fully familiar with many tourist concepts and terminologies. This could adversely affect the level of their performance in the field of tourism.
For the above reasons we think it useful to define the main terms used in the field of tourism:
Tourism is a human activity and a social phenomenon defined as traveling abroad for a period not less than 24 hours and not exceeding one year for a certain kind of international tourism.
Tourist: This term defines the individuals who move from their original residence to another place for a visit not less than 24 hours and not exceeding 1 year. This definition applies to local and international tourists. The tourist can also be called the Tourist Consumer for he/she makes the decision of buying tourist products or benefiting from various tourist services.
Tourism Activity is the technical and administrative activity performed by different private and public tourism authorities and establishments. Their activities are related to satisfying tourists’ needs so as to achieve certain goals:
-Gaining maximum possible profits from tourism and providing first-class tourist services.
-Satisfying tourists needs so as to relieve their stress and nervousness.
Tourist Nights are the total number of nights that tourists spend outside their countries in any of accommodation facilities (Hotels, Motels, furnished apartmentsÉetc)
Tour Guide is the person who provides tourists with details on historical ruins and other tourist monuments. In addition he/she answers tourists inquiries in the places they visit (Museums, exhibitions, historical sitesÉetc)
Hotel Activity is, in general, described as the activities related to the housing of residents regardless of its type (hotels, cabanas, furnished apartments) and include several services like residence, food, entertainment, sportsÉetc.
Tourism Marketing is the technical and administrative activity performed by tourism establishments and organizations inside the country to be better acquainted with the currently existing tourism markets, facilitating the development of international tourism movement.
Promotion embodies the efforts of different forms of media to advertise for the tourist products with the aim of attracting consumers. This is done through different advertising means, public relations and media. All together, these means form what we call “Tourism Activator”Services and Facilities include different forms of housing, agencies, tourism and transportation companies, general tourists places (food, drinksÉetc), city parks, souvenir shops and so on.
Tourism Exhibition is every thing that the government offers to attract tourists with the intention of improving foreign tourism movement.