If security can be dealt with Yemen has what tourists want [Archives:2004/787/Community]

November 4 2004

For The Yemen Times
Nothing is uglier than towns and, places without trees. Trees give us shade, and green color makes us feel at ease. They also purify the air as they give off oxygen by day.
That is whey we should do our best to keep the green color all over our lovable Yemen. There is no doubt that Yemen is a really first class tourist- country despite of the acts of terrorism which refrain tourists from coming so we must remove the troubles and difficulties they meet and solve all the problems face the tourists.
This is because Yemen is rich of many natural sights. It has diver climates during the four seasons. That is why we see many tourist resorts, which enrich us with wide biodiversity.
I will not narrate the main statistics of biodiversity in Yemen. One of these places is the Bora'as Mountain, which takes an hour and half by car from Hodeidah city. I visited many farms and many forests, and I saw many natural and industrial panoramas. Yet I don't imagine that many forests are located in a mountain.
The excessive, diverse trees are cuddling this mountain which is always, in tears as if it was sad. Instead of that, It must be much happier as now people can visit this place easily as road has been paved and asphalted to the top of the mountain.
As soon as you arrive there, the charming nature thrills persons with pleasure and absentmindedness. Then you must give glory to God.
Greenness covers every part of the mountain water running from the top to the bottom of the mountain, the running water along with year's seasons begets a beautiful sound mixed with the bird twittering.
This is aside from the thick trees carrying many monkeys, snakes, and birds, cover the soft rock. In addition to that, the most beautiful sight is the silver mark of pearls on both your body and rocks under the trees formed by the penetrating of sunshines through the branches.
Those pearls increase the enjoyment of visitors sitting under the shade during relaxing. Lastly I can say nothing, but appeal to our government to develop these resorts for better appearance and better services.
Tourism in Yemen is expected to grow in the future. It brings several advantages. First tourism earns foreign currency for our country. Second, it provides employment. Tourism in general helps people of different countries to understand each other better.
It is the must that our government encourages tourism and protects all the natural resorts in Yemen. Tourism is a main resource of national income may be improved under the sincerity of our minister Mr.Khled Al Rowaishan.