If you please take my advice [Archives:2006/973/Community]

August 17 2006

Radhi Al radhi
[email protected]

If you please take my advice;

If you're fond of being famous.

But take it with open eyes

And have the desire and be ambitious.

Take the knowledge from any course

Examine it and take the truth.

What ever the source neglect the false

And seek for right at north or south.

Read and write my dear fellow

Be ambitious and do your best.

Witness, seek, analyze now

There is no time for play or rest.

As they said when there is a will,

There is a way and there is a win.

So, take the duties and do them well

But being lazy is a serious sin.

Observe, analyse, and examine nature

Be romantic and get her lessons.

You'll find an ideal teacher

With open books for many persons.

Look at Sun .Oh ! how bright

How innocent and how she rises.

Gaze at moon in a moonlet night

And she'll give you her best prizes.

Read these notes of that red rose

How fragrant and what a beauty.

Or see that ant .Stop and pause

To teach you how to do the duty.

Be as clear as a pole star

Say the truth of east or west.

Spread the peace wherever you're

And welcome people with an open chest.

Excuse me, if you please,

Be as pure as the breeze .

I don't order but if you please.

If you please and if you please.