IHD Bazaar in the eyes of a foreigner [Archives:2004/802/Community]

December 27 2004
Photo from archived article: photos/802/community4_1
Photo from archived article: photos/802/community4_1
By Mrs. Judit Brown
For the Yemen Times
IHD visitor

The Refugee Health and Social Care Center in Sana'a held a very successful bazaar on the 16th and 17th December 2004. The event was opened by the UNHCR spokesman Mr. Abdel Malik Abboud who described the wealth of skills and expertise within the refugee community, and congratulated the participants on their excellent array of goods offered at the bazaar. He pointed Ethiopian food, a wide range of cultural goods, henna painting and face painting for the children. The head of IHD Yemen, Mr. Khalid Yassin spoke about the important work of the refugee centre, particularly in education as this means that when refugees are able to return to their homeland they will take back skills that will help to redevelop their own societies that have been disrupted due to war. A refugee who had benefited from the UN and IHD education programme also spoke of the value to refugees of the continued commitment of the United Nations and IHD in Sana'a.

Those who attended were entertained by a wonderful range of performers, which included small children who attended the kindergarten who sang for the audience, and singing and dancing by the Somali performers the Somali band and the Ethiopian singing and dancing group Oromo Association band. They presented a professional, entertaining and varied programme. Maria stops who also do valuable work with mothers and small children in Sana'a, presented prizes to guests who were able to demonstrate their understanding of health issues. Several hundred people attended the event.

The organizers of the event, Dr. Sameera Banowair the centre manager, Warda Al- Hubashi the education coordinator, Hodman Jamaa community facilitator and Mohammed Omar the Refugee Community Centre manager were very pleased with the bazaar, which they thought demonstrated to the local community the value of their work and the contribution of refugees to Sana'a. They extended their thanks to everyone who had taken part and to Yemen Times and Al-Thowra newspaper for their assistance with publicity. Visitor Judith Brown, a previous health coordinator with the Refugee Health Project in Sana'a returned to Yemen from Britain to attend the event. She commented on the lively and vibrant atmosphere and congratulated the staff and the refugees on their organization and their contribution to such an excellent two day event.