ILO Provides Yemen with [Archives:1998/07/Business & Economy]

February 16 1998

$10 Million
They International Labor Organization (ILO) has agreed to provide Yemen with $10 million by way of assistance in various fields.  This was announced in a recent visit by an ILO delegation to Sanaa.
In response to an invitation by the Minister of Labor and Vocational Training, Eng. Mohammed Al-Tayyib, a delegation headed by the Assistant General Manager for Arab Affairs at the ILO, Dr. Ibraheem Al-Sous, has visited Yemen during 8-11 February. Dr. Al-Sous met a number of Yemeni officials to discuss aspects of cooperation between Yemen and the ILO. A joint meeting was held by the representatives of the Ministry of Labor, headed by Eng. Al-Tayyib, and the ILO delegation. It was also attended by the resident representative of the UNDP, Mr. Onder Yucer
The Minister of Labor and Vocational Training praised the close cooperation between Yemen and the ILO, especially its regional offices in Beirut. “This visit comes to further add to the projects that have been achieved so far and the technical assistance provided by the ILO to Yemen,” said Eng. Mohammed Al-Tayyib.
On his part, Dr. Al-Sous expressed his praise for the Yemeni experience in the field of development and labor. The delegation also met the Prime Minister, Dr. Faraj Bin Ghanim; the Foreign Minister, Dr. Abdulakreem Al-Iryani; the Minister of Insurance   and Social Affairs; and representatives of the General Federation of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the General Workers’ Union. They also visited the General Authority for Vocational Training, the Handicapped Rehabilitation Center, and Social Development Fund.
In addition to Dr. Ibraheem Al-Sous, the ILO delegates included  Mr. Waleed Hamdan, the labor advisor at the regional office; Dr. Yousuf Al-Qayrooti, the training director; and Dr. Khowla Matar, the information advisor. In addition to Eng. Mohammed Al-Tayyib, the ministry’s side included Mr. Abdu Al-Jondi, the Deputy Minister for Labor Relations; Mr. Mohammed Al-Anisi, the Deputy Minister for the Workforces; Mr. Ali Saleh Obad, an advisor; Mr. Hamood Moqbil, Assistant Deputy Minister; Mr. Mohammed Othman Khalifa, PR General Manager; and Mr. Moslih Al-Azeer, Director of Vocational training Research.
Discussions between the two sides covered the following projects, for which the ILO expressed its willingness to financially and technically assist: 1- Supporting and organizing the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training, and raise its capabilities to better answer to the needs of employers and employees and the labor market; 2- Assisting in preparing a national strategy to limit child labor, and forming its executive program; 3- Cooperating in developing working women and integrating them within the labor market, implementing training programs for working women, especially in the countryside to support their participation in the economic and social life, and benefiting from the international program to create more job opportunities for women; 4- Supporting the vocational training program with technical expertise and reviewing the future plans and programs, in cooperation with the World Bank and the donor countries; 5- Providing financial and technical support for the tourism and hoteliery project  and developing the tourism project in old Sanaa; 6- Exploring the fields of supporting the vocational health and safety project and developing the work inspection apparatus; 7- Expressing the ILO readiness to take part in the national conference for vocational training due to be held during the first quarter of 1998; 8- Supporting projects to rehabilitate the handicapped and combat poverty in Yemen; 9- Expressing the importance of the private sector in organizing employment and developing job centers in all governorates to be able to better satisfy the work market’s demands; 10- Activating and supporting the private sector and labor organizations as two productive parts in planning social and economic developments, to be able to deal with the new developments and the globalization of the economy; 11- Holding a symposium on cooperatives management with the participation of experienced parties such as the Dutch, the Danes and the Belgians;
The ILO is to send a multi-specialty team during the first quarter of 1998 to discuss with the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training the topics discussed during this meeting. The two sides will also prepare a comprehensive report on Yemen’s needs in terms of programs, projects, and technical assistance. An executive plan will be drawn out for the period from 1998 to 1999. The Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training has expressed its readiness to study international labor agreements and submitting them to the relevant and constitutional bodies for ratification.