I’m Back! The response to the readers of “A True Story”: Thank You [Archives:2000/01/Focus]

January 3 2000

By: Ali Muhamed

First and foremost, I would like to thank the readers of “A True Story”. I thank both my loyal supporters and critics, who hopefully, will be my supporters in the future-Inshallah.
I received many E-mails, letters, phone calls and criticism from all over the world and not just Yemen. I was contacted by government officials in and outside Yemen, from college students to housewives. I feel honored to have touched such a wide spectrum of people. I also received hate mail from a few people (probably white supremacists) in America who surprisingly read the Yemen Times on the internet. To them, thank you for reading my article, but I say proudly with good intentions as a young Yemeni warrior, “Bring it on.”
Many wonder why I chose the issue of colonialization as the opening theme of my first series of articles, as well as my mission in Yemen. Simply speaking, I personally feel that this is the reason for the regression of the Yemeni people in all aspects; morally, structurally, academically, and more importantly-Spiritually!
Although I have dedicated the last seven years of my life to this issue(nearly 1/4 of my life to be exact), I am in need of confident and committed supporters who are willing to embark on this difficult, but rewarding, journey with me. In simple terms, I am in need of qualified researchers who are willing to carry the torch of freedom, justice and equality.
This mission will not be an easy one! The mission can only be accomplished with faith, good intentions, knowledge and truth. Changes will not happen overnight, nor should they be expected to.
Taking all this into consideration, we need to benefit from the trials of others and take what benefits Yemen. This is important because I am writing to benefit our great country and to give them the needed knowledge to move forward.
The commitment to make a positive change is the primary reason why I chose journalism as a career. The role of the journalist in Yemen should be to speak the truth without fearing the consequences. We are going through a time of changes and hard times and cowardice is not the cure for our problems.
The knowledge I have acquired over the years came through the commitment to seek knowledge, by any means. We should often remember the words of one wise man who said,”Seek knowledge even in China.” One might ask who this wise man might be-Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). More importantly, the knowledge I have acquired came unconventionally. This knowledge came through experiences, moreso than books. This knowledge came through trials, tribulations and bloodshed!
I ask Allah to give me the opportunity to write more for you in the future on different issues. I thank the Yemen Times for their charitable heart towards the Yemeni people and their concerns. I thank them also for allowing me the opportunity to write for them. I thank the elders, the youth and everyone else and we will communicate soon.
* I can always be reached at: [email protected]