Iman University files suit against PGC [Archives:2005/806/Local News]

January 10 2005

Tuesday, Jan. 8- The Eman University files a suit against the People's General Congress (PGC), the ruling party because it published in its website on Dec.30 2004 lies and fabrications that harms its reputation along with its Rector Sheikh Abdulmajeed Al-Zandani.

The university issued a report on Jan.1 2005 denying all what has been done by the PGC and resorted to the judiciary.

Al-Zandani's Office stated that Sheikh Al-Zandani behaves in a transparent and civilized way and realizes that such fabrications should be closely investigated.

According to Al-Zandani, the judiciary is the only way to follow in order to proceed against some media means that seem to be unaccountable for their wrongdoings.

The University denounced such acts that interfere with the human dignity and occasion conflicts among people.

The university officials call on seniors at the PGC to order to prevent their recruits at the website from behaving in this way. They added that the website is thought of as a media outlet of the ruling party, so, it should abide by regulations of the Yemeni judiciary.