Iman University opens doors for inspection [Archives:2006/945/Front Page]

May 11 2006

Mohamed Bin Sallam
SANA'A, May 10 ) Iman University Rector's Office Manager confirmed the authenticity of some media reports that a U.S. delegation will inspect the university.

Ismail Al-Suhaili said to Yemen Times that only the U.S. Ambassador is invited to visit the university and “we never learned about a large U.S. delegation.” He stated Sheikh Abdulmajeed Al-Zindani, rector of the university, met with President Saleh in the presence of the U.S. Ambassador who wanted to know more about the university.

President Saleh gave orders to allow the U.S. Envoy to only make a visit to their academic institution.

“We sent a letter to the Foreign Ministry, considered the authorized party, to inform the U.S. Embassy in Sana'a that we welcome their ambassador's visit to the university to clarify any misunderstanding about the university's activities.” Al-Suhaili added. “We asked the Foreign Ministry to specify an appointment for the U.S. Ambassador's visit to prove to him that the university is an academic and scientific institution, but until now no response has been shown.”

The university rector's office manager neither confirmed nor denied the authenticity of reports that a large U.S. delegation will inspect the university by viewing students' lists, their citizenships and numbers plus the syllabuses they learn at the university. He said the matter is left to the university leadership to accept or refuse such things.

He pointed out the Iman University leaves its doors open for media and any visits by those who want to know about the university are often welcomed. “Like other Yemeni private universities, syllabuses and courses taught at the university are approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The university works in compliance with the Yemeni constitution and law,” Al-Suhaili said.

Concluding his speech, Al-Suhaili emphasized media must play an important role in clarifying facts on condition they abide by professionalism regulations and keep away from any partisan or political considerations.

Different media trends reported the U.S. Embassy told Al-Zindani that the U.S. authorities accepted his last March's invitation to send an official delegation to Yemen to visit the Iman University.

The Iman University was established in 1994 and inaugurated by the President of the Republic. Nearly 6000 male and female students from 52 countries are enrolled in the university at present. The university provides courses based on Sunni principles and views closer to Wahabi intellect. According to Al-Suhaili, the university does not receive any support from Yemeni government but it gets assistances from local, Arab and Muslim philanthropists.