Immigrant Birds Return [Archives:2001/23/Focus]

June 4 2001

Naif Al-Kaladi
Sports Editors Espoa Wekkly
This issue has been controversial, especially since Mr. Hussein Al-Awadhi has been appointed Minister of Information. During his career as chairmen of the Saba News Agency, he was an example of a straight forward and a righteous person. He boldly fought corruption and replaced all guards with new staff. His innovative changes and wise management have made the agency a very informative and well-known resource. We have expected a lot form him in his career. The government decided to ensure a bright future for the nation by appointing young ministers such as him, Abdulwahhab Al-Rawhani, Abdulrahman Al-Akwa, Ahmad Sufan, Abdulmalek Al-Mualemi, Yahia Al-Showibi, and Yahia Al-Abyadh. We expect a lot form all of these ministers. Since the media is a mirror reflecting of the people’s aspirations, we urge upon the great journalist, Al-Awadhi, to pay more attention to media people regardless of their political affiliation. The press institutions such as the 14th October, Al-Jomhoryah, TV channels and all our intelligent and outstanding media people who were forced to immigrate owing to the bad conditions of these institutions. In this context, we should remember those great Yemeni immigrants who we are in dire need of at the moment, such as Director Jamal Al-Hammadi, Khaled Omar, Bassam Abdul Mahmoud, R’ad Aman, Laila Kulaib, Wadee Mansour, Ra’id Abed, Mansour Al-Ibbi, Jameel Mahdi and others. Some of these work in America and others work for gulf channels. This is to remind us of some of the distinguished media people who left the country. My concentration on these people is because of my close affiliation with this field of work.