Immigrants in our country [Archives:2003/648/Culture]

July 7 2003

By Faisal H. Al-Azzani
It is very sad and pity
To feel as an immigrant
In your beloved country
But, what to do to the Government.

Even if you are qualified
You will be treated unfair
From those who are illiterate
Nobody neither knows nor cares

Yemen, is big enough for all of us
In order to be developed
In various ways and in all fields
All equal, without anyone depressed

Should our state really be concerned?!
Or, most of the officials are thieves?!
They like others to be controlled
And dislike others who achieve!

Hey, guy, you should die from hunger!
Nobody will give you help or mercy!
They have new Monica cars with reflector
Because they neither listen nor even see!

Mr. Bajammal, I dare you to help me?!
Or, to court me as one with you?!
Or, from hunger and poverty to save me?!
Or, to give me all my rights, could you?!!