Imminent Release of M. Rajih [Archives:1997/48/Front Page]

December 1 1997

Recently, the Human Rights, Liberties and NGOs Committee of the Consultative Council has been working, along with several community elders, to bring an end to the Mansoor Rajih case. Mr. Rajih, accused and convicted of murder, has been in the Taiz Central Prison for 15 years now. Given the irregularities that permeated the trial, many local and international organizations feel that the man was framed. That does not directly mean he is innocent, but it does mean that there are serious doubts. The joint effort of the CC and community elders seeks to secure the release of Mr. Rajih by paying blood money to the heirs of the murdered person. Even if he were guilty, he has paid for it by being in jail. His release is expected in Ramadhan. The Government of Norway has offered to give Mr. Rajih and his wife political asylum.